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The Tarpon Inn

Elizabeth Greenwell, January 2016

If you are looking for a weekend escape when the cold fronts blow full force, look no further than Port Aransas and its famous Tarpon Inn. The inn has been a landmark in Port Aransas since 1886, and the history radiates from every crevice, glinting off the hundreds of signed, silver tarpon scales that cover the walls of the lobby.


Bounty on The Rocks

February 2016

Stella was first to greet me as I approached a modest group of anglers waiting for the early Jetty Boat launch at Fisherman's Wharf.

But even more welcoming than a wet lick to an outstretched hand was the conspicuous absence of a breeze through the harbor across Cotter Street from the historic Tarpon Inn. Stella is Rockport angler William Hoffman's new puppy, a handsome black lab-mix with a bleached chest and chin with white-tipped toes on her hind paws.


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